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III International (virtual) exhibition “21st Century Emerging Technologies”

We continue to accept applications for participation in virtual exhibition “21st Century Emerging Technologies”

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We invite scientific and industrial russian and foreign companies, small innovative firms, inventors, scientists, innovative projects leaders, to take part in the III’d  International (virtual) exhibition “21st Century Emerging Technologies”. Also we invite the representatives of venture funds,  financial and consulting structures which activity assumes financing, realisation and support of innovative high tech projects.


  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Agency for science and innovations
  • NP “INCOT”

Information partners

Science and technologies of Russian Federation
Russian electronic nanojournal
Nanotechnologies in Russia

Goals and objectives

  • To reveal  the most highly effective 21st Century emerging technologies in the 21st century and equipment for the real economy with their further adoption and diffusion among russian and foreign companies;
  • To improve competitiveness of domestic products in home and overseas markets, and to build a favorable investment climate for domestic and foreign investors based on the results in the framework of the Russian Federal Targeted Program for Research & Development in Priority Fields for the Development of Russia’s Scientific and Technological Complex for 2007–2012;
  • To demonstrate latest scientific and technological developments and achievements of the R&D organisations and industry in developing emerging technologies for the real economy.

All-Russia competition «On the best scientific and technical working out in the field of development of perspective technologies for real sector of economy»will be held within the limits of a virtual exhibition. Winners of the competition will receive diplomas and prizes of Federal agency for science and innovations.

About the virtual exhibition

One of the key tendencies of human civilisation modern development is new information environment creation. The technological base of this environment consists of the global computer networks, that allow to get an access to any kind of data in any place at any time.

Virtual exhibition is a specialised web-site, where different organizations interact using Internet technologies.

Project purpose is to create multipurpose information-analytical resource, that represents full complex of the information on the most highly effective emerging technologies to a wide range of users.

Using this resource allow virtual exhibitors to present their company simply by loading the information, and visitors can get all the information they are interested in, via the Internet.

The virtual exhibition has the same content as the exhibition

Virtual exhibition allows to give a wide range of users a full complex of the information for the commercial result connected with  innovative technologies production.

Exhibition sections

  1. live systems
  2. nanosystem industry and materials
  3. information and telecommunication systems
  4. environmental management
  5. energy and energy efficiency

Registration order

Account and the contract Registration is made on the basis of the Demand having a validity of the guarantee letter.

The payment should be transferred within 10 bank days from the date of account extract, but not later than October, 10th, 2009.

Participation cost

The registration fee —200 Euro assumes:

  • information block and logo placing (format Corel Draw the version not more low 10) the Exhibitor in the Catalogue of a virtual exhibition (to 1000 signs) in Russian and English languages;
  • Placing of the information on innovative workings out (to 15 000 signs, format MS Word), including photos, illustrations, schemes (format JPEG, BMP, TIFF with the permission 300 dpi) in Russian and English languages;
  • Participation in the competitive program includes 3 scientific and technical workings out (1 working out — to 5000 signs, including photos, illustrations, schemes). Additional workings out are paid separately.

Cost of additional working out makes: 50 Euro.