Комплексная безопасность 2011
Комплексное использование вторичных ресурсов
Экология большого города
10_Чистая вода
Exhibition topics

Living systems

  • Genome and post-genome technology for pharmaceutical development
  • Cell technology
  • Bioengineering technology
  • Biocatalytic, biosynthetic, and biosensor technologies
  • Biocompatible materials development technology
  • Biomedical and veterinary technologies for human and animal life support and protection

Nanosystem industry and materials

  • Composite and ceramic materials development and treatment technologies
  • Crystalline materials development and treatment technologies
  • Polymers and elastomers development and treatment technologies
  • Membrane and catalyst systems development technologies

Information and telecommunication systems

  • Bioinformatics
  • Information processing, storage, and security technologies
  • Software development technologies
  • Distributed computing and system technology
  • Participating database development technology

Environmental management

  • Atmosphere and hydrosphere monitoring and forecasting technology
  • Resource assessment and lithosphere and biosphere forecast technology
  • Technologies for industrial waste recycling and disposal
  • Natural and technological disasters risk management and emergency response technologies
  • Clean and resource-efficient industry, agricultural and food processing industry technologies
  • Minimum impact field development and mining technologies

Energy and energy efficiency

  • Nuclear energy technology, nuclear fuel cycle technology, radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management technologies
  • Hydrogen energy technologies
  • Biomass energy and fuel technologies
  • New and renewable energy sources technologies
  • Technologies for developing energy-efficient transportation, distribution, heating, and electrical systems
  • Technologies for developing energy-efficient motors for transport systems