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Energy-saving and material-saving technologies of production of ferroconcrete and concrete goods and concrete solutions
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Brief description

We offer energy-saving (gas, steam) and material-saving (cement, water) technologies of production of ferroconcrete and concrete goods and concrete solutions on the basis of the complex concrete additives, such as “Universal-P” and “Hidetal”.

The funding source of the development and implementation of our production is our own financial resource.

In 2001 there were developed and put on our market complex concrete additives “Universal-P” and “Hidetal”, used for production of reinforced concrete structures.

In 2005 there were developed and implemented in industry concrete additives with improved acceleration characteristic of durability “Hidetal-P-7”, superplasticising “Hidetal-P-5” and  “Hidetal-P-6”, used for production of road concrete, providing necessary qualities of both-concrete mix and final products.

While using chemical additives “Universal-P” and “Hidetal” as the accelerators of hardening in 24 hours at ambient air temperature +15…+20C without TMP (thermo-moist processing), the goods achieve 50–80% of design stripping strength and ready to be stored.

Starting from 2006 we began to productionize the hyperplasticizer, based on polycarboxilate “Hidetal-GP-9”, in modifications α (alpha), β (beta), γ (gamma), δ (delta).

Before the production startup all the engineering projects have been compulsory tested in Research Institute of Ferroconcrete (Moscow, Russia, the head of laboratory—Stepanova V.F.) and certificated.


The using of complex concrete additives, that is not only concrete hardening accelerators, but  plasticizors, makes it possible to improve such qualities of concrete as freezing resistance, water resistance, the improvement of concrete structure and the quality of surface, reduces crazing of concrete surface, reduces  water consumption of concrete mix. The additives also contain corrosion inhibitors, their usage being compared with concrete without additives, makes it possible to reduce leakage current to 10–15%, and to achieve total passivation of reinforced steel.

Plasticizing qualities of “Hidetal-GP-9” (corresponding to requirements DIN EN 934 2, maximum mobility 27 cm and spread of cone shells—67 cm) make it possible to produce self sealing concrete with armature saturation and essentially without shaker application. Provided long lasting persistence of concrete mix is very important for transportation for long distances.

Concrete mix keeps given mobility during 3 hours, with the 10% loss of flowability  during  the 4-hour transportation.

Modification “Hidetal-GP-9bB” makes it possible to keep given flowability during 8 hours of transportation. These qualities provide effective usage of concrete mix with “Hidetal-GP-9” for monolithic (solid) house building.

All this makes it possible to make a high quality mix at manufacturing plant, to transport it without the deterioration of properties and pump it at given height, saving high mobility, to receive self sealing concrete, and  practically without shaker application provide its stringing.

The application of polycarboxilate “Hidetal-GP-9” provides reducing average coarseness of pores, reducing surface  sponginess in concrete and to increase concentration. The water resistance of concrete is not less thanW16 and frost resistance is not less than F300, which is regarded as hyper durability of concrete, and as a result, the building itself.

No other additional damp protection is required (concrete type F100-F300—frost resistant, W6-W16—water resistant).

 “Hidetal-GP-9” reduces cement consumption up to 30%, “Hidetal-GP-9bB” makes it possible to use effectively low quality cement, the increase of firmness without TMP (thermo moist processing)  is 100% in 24 hours, in comparison with that, being tested. The additive does not reduce armature resistance against corrosion cracking, current density  at a potential voltage +300 mV is not more than 1,5 mkA/cm2.

The using of complex concrete additives provides concrete hardening at moderate high and low temperatures.

 “Hidetal-GP-9bB frost resistant’’ helps to solve two problems:  the reducing amount of water in concrete and maximum increase of speed of hydration, resulted by application of combination of  hyperplasticizer and accelerator of hardening.

 The dosage of this additive in winter period is extremely low: from 0,4% to 1,6% at temperature range 0C to –20C

Scientific significance

For all necessary consultations the company provides visiting technologists.

The group of technologists continue the developing of series “Universal” and “Hidetal”.

The prices are reasonable, on the level, providing benefits to our clients.

Examples of practical application

Our production is used in building sector for producing concrete and ferroconcrete goods, as well as aerated concrete and polystyrene concrete. The system of management works at every manufacturing plant.

Sales market geography

Concrete additives, produced by our company are sold in all regions of Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to the North Caucasus, in all regions of the Ukraine and Belarus, on the territory of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.


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